N C Hills Scam in Assam

Recently, N C Hills ( North Cachar Hills), now known as Dima Hasao District has seen major scams amounting thousands of crores and it has surely put present ruling Congress Government on back foot. The scam is quite simple,

“According to the Finance Department of the State Government, Rs 151 crore, Rs 40 lakh and Rs 11 thousand were released to the Council’s eight departments within the 26 months. But the audit team has found that Rs 424 crore 4 lakh 43 thousand has been released by the State government, which is Rs 272 crore 64 lakh and 23 thousand more than the account presented by the Government.”

Most appalling part is, CM of Assam had always denied any such sanction and incidentally the CM has the Finance portfolio too!

KMSS ( Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti) has squarely blamed the CM Tarun Gogoi involved in this scam. Opposition leader PrafullaKumar Mahanta has demanded resignation Tarun Gogoi. It may be noteworthy that, P K Mahanta has been in news after some time and seen to be vocal as the next election is approaching.

Akhil Gogoi of KMSS cited newspaper report that the Chief Minister had received the CAG special audit report on August 23. The CAG conducted the special audit for a period of 26 months and 12 days, between 2007-08 fiscal and June 12, 2009. The special audit revealed that an amount of Rs 424.04 crore was released to the NCHAC, against an allocation of Rs 151.40 crore during the period.

Assam Government has much answering to do. With these damning reports from Auditors, the scams by Assam government stand exposed to the people of Assam, if not to any court of law.

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