M K Subba over ground : Accuses his colleagues

Former MP from Tezpur, Assam, Mani Kumar Subba has come back from hiding after he has received anticipatory bail for three months few days ago. After he has landed in Guwahati, he has accused his Congress colleagues of hatching conspiracy and framing him.

According to M K Subba, one MP and two MLAs from Assam have tried to lure Sikha Sarma with sum of Rs. 6 crores. Sikha Sarma is the victim of M K Subba’s rape case for which he had to go into hiding for few months.

Controversy seems to be constant companion of M K Subba. His citizenship has also been under scrutiny and the case reached even Supreme court.

One Milan Subba was killed in his Delhi farmhouse located in Delhi Mehruli road in 2004. There are many accusations against him in Assam about obtaining Indian citizenship in fraudulent means.

He is also known as lottery baron. His recent accusation of conspiracy by his colleagues seem to be directed at certain woman MP with whom he is known to in bad terms. M K Subba lost his last election to AGP ( Assam Gana Parishad) Candidate.

It will be interesting to watch next steps taken by M K Subba.

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