Haflong – Only Hill Station of Assam

Haflong is supposed to be the only hill station in Assam at a distance of 345KM from Guwahati, capital of Assam. It is a beautiful town and head quarter of Dimasa Hasao ( previously North Cachar Hills) district of Assam. Haflong is also adoringly known as ‘Switzerland of the East’.

Haflong is very beautiful town surrounded by mist filled hills, clouds floating and a nature lovers true delight! Its hills have numerous small water falls all around producing enchanting sounds.

How to reach Haflong:

Haflong does not have a airport and the nearest airport is Silchar. The best way reach Haflong is by road from Guwahati which is 345KM from Haflong. Guwahati is very well connected by train, air from many cities in India. The other convenient way would be to travel by Train from Guwahati to Diphu and then take bus or hire a car.

What to do in Haflong :

There is a Haflong lake in the heart of the Haflong town. One may roam around the town and visit shops manned by majorly women. This town and the whole district is dominated by Dimasa tribe, one of the oldest Mongoloid people in North East India with glorious past with Kachari kingdoms.

Haflong Town

1. Jatinga :

Jatinga is just 9KM from Haflong town. It is known world wide for strange phenomenon where migratory birds come here to commit suicide. From August to November, during moonless and foggy dark nights in the evening, flying birds come crashing to the ground suddenly.

2. Maibong

Maibong is located 47KM from Haflong town. It was once capital of Dimasa, Kachari kingdom. It is on the bank of the river Mahur. Various stone houses, ruins of temples of Kachari kings can be seen here.

Best Time to visit:

Best time to visit Haflong is from September to January.

Recently, NC Hills has been in news for all the wrong reasons like Rs. 1000 crore corruption as well as other insurgency related incidents.

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