Big dams in Arunachal Pradesh : View from

While big dams in Arunachal Pradesh is making news all around, various stake holders like people living downstream in plains of Assam, environmentalist, NGO ( Non Government Organisations), Anti-dam groups, blogger Mr. Manoranjan Pegu of ( quite aptly named) has raised few interesting questions!

His questions have been raised amidst reports of Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh has convened a meeting of all ministries concerned on October 13 to ascertain the status of the hydroelectric projects in North East India.

The interesting questions are :

* The 2000MW dam that is in progress in Gerukhamukh itself will produce so much of electricity that the entire North-East might not need, so does it need too much of intelligence to assume that where the Surplus power produced by the 135 dams planned will Arunachal will go? -Obviously to the so called Mainstream part of India.
* Does it make sense to put lives of Millions in Assam and Arunachal at stake to fulfill the power need of the so called Mainstream?
* Why is that even though Assam and Arunachal falls in the category 5 of high geographical vulnerability area, but still the government gives clearance to all the Dam projects?
* Mr. Jairam Ramesh has assured of Studies to be conducted now. But the question was it not supposed to be conducted before MoUs were signed? So does this make it a electoral gimmick as the elections are Coming soon in Assam?
* He has also asked the audience not to question a few dams as it also has strategic importance. So does it mean still millions loose lives in the show of might where India wants to loosed the claim from china in the process by constructing Dams? Is it the only way to solve the political problem?

For more details : please visit : The Voice of the oppressed

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