Arabinda Rajkhowa likely to be freed

Arabinda Rajkhowa is likely to be released from jail on 20th Dec 2010 as the government counsel has not opposed his bail today. Arabinda Rajkhowa, the chairman of outlawed ULFA ( United Liberation Front of Asom) is in Guwahati jail and has six TADA pending cases against him.

“Court will announce its verdict on the bail plea of jailed ULFA Chairman Arabinda Rajkhowa on 20th December.” This was said by public prosecutor Bijon Mahajan Thursday after the hearing on the plea was over, as per report published in DY365, a local satellite channel in Guwahati.

Rajkhowa said that he will take the General council meeting forward once he is out. This is being taken to be a major milestone in the proposed peace parleys with the government.

Rajkhowa was arrested from Bangladesh in 30th Nov 2009 by Dhaka police and was handed over to Indian authorities and was lodged in Guwahati jail since then.

Government counsel’s non-opposition to the bail plea of ULFA Chairman is viewed a positive gesture by the Assam Government for conducting much discussed ULFA-GOI talks. With coming assembly election, ruling Congress government is also under pressure to show some progress in the vexed ULFA issue.

ULFA still commands some emotional support among people of Assam which was evident when gathering crowd shouted “ULFA Zindabad ( ULFA Long Live)”, Chairman Rajkhowa Zindabad” when he was first produced in Guwahati court last year.

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