5 millitants surrender in Manipur

Five UG’s belonging to KCP (MC) and PULF (Umar Farooq) in a simple surrender ceremony at Mantripukhri laid down arms in the presence of Y Joy Kumar, DGP- Manipur Police and Major General C A Krishnan, IGAR(South) on Monday.

It can be mentioned that, Manipur in North East India has highest number of insurgent organisation in India. Surrender of militants and express of desire to come back to mainstream is significant development.

The three cadres of KCP (MC), ‘Lt’ Kiran, ‘Sgt’ Angom Ibouchauba and ‘Cpl’ Thomba and two cadres of PULF (Umar Farooq) Md Samir alias Inao and Md. Allauddin alias Romeo.

The peaceful surrender of these militants is the eventual outcome of long and sustained efforts by 9 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of HQ IGAR(South), in motivating the relatives and militants to enable them joining the mainstream.

Sources : Online web.

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