Racial discrimination against people from North East India spikes after COVID19

While it is not new for people of North East India with Asian faces to face racial discrimination in mainland India, but with COVID19 figures going up in India, there seems to be a spike of such incidents.

Recently, MHA ( Ministry of Home Affairs), India had issued directives to all state governments to take appropriate actions against “harassment’ faced by people of North East India.

MHA Directive

On March 22, 2020, there was an incident reported in Twitter, which was later Retweeted by Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, where an 25 year old Manipuri woman was subjected to harassment by a 40 year old man. She was called ‘Corona Virus’ and when she protested, she was spit on. Later, the person was arrested.


In another incident, few tenants in Ahemdabad where asked to leave the society but timely intervention by Police had stopped the threat. The video was circulated widely in social media.

In another incident in Bangalore which is doing round in social media, is people from North East India are prevented from entering a mall to by groceries.

Two NE student in Karnataka were not allowed to enter store to buy groceries, denying them to be Indian even after they showed their adhaar card ..STOP RACISM..If anyone of you knows them, please DM me ..

Posted by Hinoto P Naga on Saturday, 28 March 2020

We assume, there could be many such incidents which are going unreported. While this is understandable that such hostility may break out as China is being blamed for Corona Virus widely by many people. India being a diverse country, it will be good idea to be tolerant and respect diversity.

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