First suspected COVID19 infection in Assam, tests negative

UPDATE : The test result from Lahowal, Dibrugarh has come Negative for the patient today 22 March 2020. So, Assam and North East India have no confirmed infection yet.

First COVID19, known widely as Corona Virus, infection has been reported from Jorhat, Assam today. A four and half year old girl has been tested positive for Corona Virus and has been isolated in Jorhat Medical College.

She, along with her parents recenty came back from Bihar on 19th March 2020 and was admitted in Jorhat Medial College by authorities and kept in isolation.

Her sample has been sent to Lahowal, Dibrugarh for another testing and result is expected tomorrow. Once its confirmed, Assam as well as North East India will have its first Corona Virus patient.

There have been report of many people coming back to various parts of Assam from states like Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra by trains. While government has been trying best to identify them and test them, but many of them get down at small stations to avoid quarantine, which may be a very challenging task for the government. So, it could be expected that number of infection may rise in next weeks.

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