Assam Record – First Assamese Song to hit the YOUTUBE INDIA MUSIC CHARTS

Assamese Song – “Neta Song (Assam Election Song)” by Axl Hazarika becomes the first Assamese Song to hit the Youtube India Music Charts.

Assamese experimental music artist, Axl Hazarika, has become the first Assamese to rank in Youtube India Top music chart. Axl Hazarika’s political satire music video ‘Neta Song (Assam Election Song)’ became the first Assamese entry in the Youtube India music charts. 

The music video hit #19 position in the Youtube India Official Music Video Charts while the song hit #29 position in Youtube India Music Charts.

Axl Hazarika is an experimental music artist from northeast India. Axl recently became the first and only Indian artist to rank in SoundCloud Top 10 Global Trance music charts & Billboard music charts. Axl is also the highest-ranked artist from Assam in Youtube music with peak chart rank of #2 with his Hindi Song “Hum Badal Gaye”. Axl is also credited with the first animation video – Hum Badal Gaye from northeast India officially certified and censored by the Central Board of Film Certification, India.

Also, his Assamese music video ‘Goru Bihu Song’, has been selected to be officially screened at one of the largest international film festivals in Europe – 47th Sehsüchte, which took place from 25th to 29th of April 2018 at the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF housed at Babelsberg Film Studio, the oldest large-scale film studio in the world, producing films since 1912. It is the same premise where Assamese legend, Jyoti Prasad Agarwala, learned filmmaking.

Axl Hazarika’s videos has made tremendous impact in the global arena with the official selection at more than 100 International Film festivals across countries like Russia, Germany, UK, Italy, Africa, the United States, etc. which includes major festivals like 47th Sehsüchte(Germany), 29th Istanbul International Film Festival(Turkey), 60th St. Petersburg International Film Festival (Russia), The Golden Peak Film Festival (Russia), Saint Vladimir Film Festival (Russia), Caribbean Film Festival (USA), Cardiff International Film Festival (UK), APA Film Festival (USA), 4th International CGA (Germany), International Tourism Film Festival (Maldives), 23rd Film Festival della Lessinia (Italy), etc.

 Axl, currently the digital archive head of Jyoti Chitraban, is involved in a lead role in developing northeast India’s largest government-run digital archive – Jyoti Chitraban Digital Archive, that aims to store and preserve for posterity archival materials of all kinds including music, videos, films, documentaries, texts, and photographs.

Contact details:

Axl Hazarika

Digital Archive Head, Jyoti Chitraban, Guwahati

+91 8473929969 |

This is a press release which is being uploaded at the request of the the sender Axl Hazarika. We have not verified the information and for details, readers can contact him directly.

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