NSCN(K) gives deadline to Airtel to leave Nagaland within a month

NSCN(K) ( National Socialist Council of Nagaland led by SS Khaplang) has served ultimatum to Indians largest Mobile Service operators Airtel to leave Nagaland within a month and remove all its infrastructure from Nagaland. As per reports, it further told Airtel that, if they do not do on their own, NSCN(K) will start demolishing all their infrastructure after a month.

NSCN(K) said Airtel was culpable of “practising manipulative lobby” to misguide a certain “major NGO” and also attempting to create chasm between NSCN(K), civil organisations and Naga public “with pure ulterior motive to maximise its profit.” NSCN(K) said it took strong exception to a private company “daring to challenge and undermine its authority and such conspiracy shall never be tolerated.” It said whereas other enterprises/companies willing to accept the “local dynamics of Nagaland” and ready to ascribe to “interdependent coexistence, can establish commercial undertakings in the state and assured them of complete cooperation.

Source : Nagaland Post

It may be mentioned that NSCN(K) has withdrew ceasefire agreement with Indian Government in March this year and it has ambushed Indian Security forces couple of times since then.

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