Civil Obedience Movement for ILP in Manipur

Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System (JCILPS) has announced the launch of a sustained civil disobedience movement against the State Government stressing the importance of maintaining the right stance on the ILPS ( Inner Line Permit System) movement.

ILP is now implemented in Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Mizoram where outsiders (not resident of the state) has to obtain permission to enter and stay in the state. This has been implemented in these tribal states mainly for preserving their culture.

In Manipur, this ILP demand has been recently picking up and is going on for almost a month now, crippling normal life in Imphal.

As part of the civil disobedience movement, people have been urged to organise mass rally, sit-in protests and road blockades, the statement urged. It also declared that using police force against the public movement will aggravate the situation.

The committee, however, appealed the public to allow free movement to ambulance, water suppliers, media persons, patients, power department workers and exempt religious activities from the purview of the protest.

JCILPS expressed regret to all concerned for the unwanted disturbances caused to them. The people will have trust and confidence in the Government only when it presents an ILP Bill incorporating the suggestions already submitted earlier and the key five points recommended by the committee, maintained JCILPS.

The committee demanded that the Government also consider the recent resolution adopted at the recent public convention.

Sources and Image Credit: Various Websites

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