Assam Jatiya Vidyalay Book demeans Mising tribe

A book titled “Niti Shiksha -2” ( roughly translates as Moral Lessons in English from Assamese) which is taught at primary level in Jatiya Vidyalay Schools in Dhemaji District, written by Purendra Prasad Saikia, is creating lot of discussion among Mising youths online where Mising custom of sacrificing pig during their festivals, religious rituals are ridiculed upon.

Mising is second largest tribe in Assam after Bodos. They are one of the most peaceful tribes in Assam and only few tribal groups which do not have armed underground organisation.





In this book, false statements like “Pigs are Misings, and Misings are Pigs” are being taught to children in Dhemaji district where incidentally Misings constitute a large population.

Photo Credits : Sagen Pait

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– Bhaskar Pegu
IIT Guwahati

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