Jeevan Initiative’s ‘Special 10 of the Year’

Jeevan Initiative Special 10

Jeevan Initiative, a voluntary trust based out of Guwahati has released “Special 10 of the year” list today. Here is the list below.

1. Dr. Sanchayeeta Borthakur: Research at Johns Hopkins University USA, showing that bursts of star formation have a major impact far beyond the boundaries of their host galaxy.

2. Arnab Goswami: Journalism of impact, voicing country’s problems and possibilities.

3. Sunita Bhuyan: Tunes of classical, modern, fusion, folk music and music therapy, all on violin

4. Maheswar Basumatary: Transformation from helping poachers to capturing them in the Kasugaon division of Manas National Park

5. Tridip Kumar Barua: Pioneering efforts in Assamese DTP with Ramdhenu and its Unicode version, Unicode Converter

6. Gunjan Sharma: Selfless courage for saving lives of ten students from miscreants

7. Gramya Vikash Mancha, Ghagrapaar, Nalbari : Social action for the marginalized people through village economy, agriculture, irrigation

8. Assam Agricultural University: Research and innovation of crop varieties

9. Ko:Yad: Mising cinema by Manju Bora showcasing the struggles of the riverbank people

10. Hari Guna Kahana Najaai and Sarixal Gosanir Tez: Novels by Dr. Ratnottama Das Bikram on Rukmini and by Tulika Saikia on Sutiya queen Sadhani, respectively.

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