State Government Machinery In A Brink Of Chaos in Assam

At first dissident from a one time close cabinet colleague and his favoured MLAs, now the chief minister of Assam Tarun Gogoi faces apparent resent of a top bureaucrat. Himanshu Shekhar Das, additional chief secretary(finance)to the government of Assam disclosed cause of present exorbitant rise of essential commodities price in the state addressing a letter to the chief secretary Prem Prasahad Verma. Das, in his letter to the chief secretary alleged that market and source price of every imported commodity has huge difference urging the later to take up appropriate step to mitigate the menace.

Das also pointed out in his letter that sky rocketing price rise makes common people lives anemic and miserable.In the letter he said that though customer in the state buys egg for Rs.3.50-5 but the source price of the same is in and around Rs.1.He also cited similar examples in the letter.

Das,after sending the letter to the chief secretary, referred it to the media through the state PR department (i.e.Janasanyog) revealing indifference and inactivity of the state government in case of eradicating public menace. It also has brought into light that the state government administrative machinery exists in a brink of chaos and misrule of congress.But the chief minister categorically denied of late the allegations raised by the finance department additional secretary arguing that there is no place in the country where egg can be bought for Rs.1.He is of the view that the market-system in the state is under full control of his government and hence no trader can dare to rise price of essential commodities at his wish.If it happens,then ok. But since the rising of dissidents in the state government against the chief minister almost everyday local news papers as well as some television channels, pointing out the root cause of sky rocketing price rise, intermittently and continuously publish news covering tell-tale story of ‘syndicate’ established in the commodity market by some unscrupulous elements.Similarly, the chief minister directed all the district administrations to take up stringent step against any sydicatism in the state.Following that direction of the chief minister, Kamrup(Metro) district administration has taken strict measure to up root syndicate from the market.The result of district administration’ such endeavors remained fruitful for some while with the arrest of three syndicate mafias.

The arrest of these syndicate mafias lowered price of some food items for some while minimising common people grief.But after their realese from judicial custody price of essential commodities has again risen.Thus,the measure taken by the Kamrup(M) district administration could give common people temporary relief only.On the other hand,the syndicate mafias whose allegedly have nexus with some ruling party leaders as well as police and top government officers could earn handsome money through unholy means.However, the Kamrup(M)district administration recently has taken another step up for curbing price rise by listing out price of some food items.The out come of the latest effort by the administration is not out till time.Moreover, allegation of establishment of syndicate in different form across the state by some politically influential people becomes a common phenomenon today.It has been alleged that ‘syndicate culture’has added fuel to the fire of essential commodities price rise and unfortunately there is no respite for common people from it which can be considered as a real picture of the state.

The above stated letter of the finance department additional chief secretary categorically stated lack of integrity of the state government’ various departments though it was denounced by the chief minister.Besides, inability of the chief minister to keep his officer under control reflected through the letter.Interestingly, the state finance department is under chief minister Gogoi and the additional chief secretary Das has been posted in the last 13 years.On the other hand the chief minister while denying recent allegations regarding price rise raised by Himanshu Shekhar Das revealed another horrifying fact that causes price rise.According to him the root cause of price rise is due to the traders’ unholy means of tax evasion.and for this they hide real source price of a commodity in the document they submit in the respective state government department.But what is shocking is that in this way the state government lost a huge amount of revenue in the last 13 years under chief minister ship of Tarun Gogoi. It certainly will compel every conscious person to say that now the state government administrative machinery in a brink of chaos and decomposition..

Raktim Baruah

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