Social ills blamed on Indianisation by banned Insurgent group in Manipur

The proscribed RPF ( Revolutionary People’s Front ), an insurgent group in Manipur blames ‘Indianisation’ and assimilation into the Hindu social system on various ills afflicting Manipuri society at present, according to RPF press release.

Noting increasing cases of violence against women and children, particularly outraging modesty of women and trafficking of women and children, an RPF statement issued by its Publicity secretary Roben Khuman opined that failure to uphold democratic principles, ineffective legal system, leniency in punishing the criminals, economic disparity and ill-conceived social ethics are some of the causes continuously dragging Manipuri society to an abysmal low.

In addition to absolute absence of gender justice and the Hindu system misinterpreting principle of patriarchal system as male chauvinism, people of Manipur drawn more towards glitz of Hindu ceremonies is only compounding the problems and creating further confusion, said Roben.

The increasing rate of violence against women also testifies that the Indian democratic principle is toothless against the Hindu system of males being the master and the womenfolk left to live a wretched life.

In the case of Manipuri women invasion of the Hindu system is most vivid during marriage as dowry issues continue to be dominant irrespective of whether the bride belongs to a poor family or has sound financial backing, Roben highlighted adding that number of properties attached at the time of marriage has become one of the reasons for the increase in violence against women.

Source: The Sangai Express

Most probably, prolonged insurgency and unrest is more responsible for increasing violence in Manipur than so called Indianisation. Hope insurgent groups lay down arms and let peace return to Manipur.

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