NDFB-P favours Chinese Control for NE Tribes than Indian Sovereignty

The Democratic Front of Boroland – Progressive (NDFB-P) has aid that it would prefer the tribal-dominated northeast to be part of China’s Special Administrative Region (SAR) rather than accepting New Delhi’s proposal on giving more power to autonomous councils for the uplift of various tribes. NDFB -P is in dialogue with central government for many years now.

NDFB has been demanding independent Bodo country for many years. But recently, they had climbed down to separate state. But it is reported that, Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde has sai that more autonomy would be provided by making changes in Sixth Schedule of Indian Constitution.

Reacting to that, NDFB(P) publicity secretary S Sanjarang said in an email statement, said that “If the Centre has only decided to provide more powers to the existing autonomous councils of the region or only economic status for the scheduled tribes of the northeast, it would be better for the Boros (Bodo) and other tribals of the region to be a part of the Special Administrative Regions (SAR) within the sovereignty of the People’s Republic of China”

Source: Times of India

Most probably, this is the first instance when a separatist group has on record stated that they would prefer to be with China than India. It may be mentioned that, almost all Mongoloid tribes of North East India have old relationships with its neighbours Myanmar and Tibet which is now in China. China regularly claims Arunachal Pradesh to be South Tibet which is dominated by Tani tribes. Most probably, this statement will be music to the ears of China.

One thought on “NDFB-P favours Chinese Control for NE Tribes than Indian Sovereignty

  • July 17, 2013 at 3:50 am

    The problems of the Northeast India do not seem to get the attention of the Political class and the Media attention it deserves.

    The area remains inaccessible, short of essential services, not speak of development worth the name.

    For the political class it is because they do not produce enough Parliament seats that would matter in the national arena, like UP or Andhra Pradesh..

    For the Media the readership in the area does not warrant them to cover them.

    The people have been revolting for quite some time and the attempt at solution is farcical, offering them autonomy.

    Of what use is autonomy if there are no developmental activities?

    People have seen this in other areas like Telengana in AP, where nothing has been done and the result is the upheaval for a separate State and the Central Government is about to announce a separate State.

    Politicians eye this with favour as this would give them parliamentary seats even n the new State..

    Boros have also noticed that despite assurances earlier, no developmental activities have take place there.

    They seem to have come to the end of their tether and now want a separate State and worse prefer to be under China..

    Instead of cajoling Sri Lanka not to go the China way even to the extent of neglecting the Sri Lankan Tamils problems and the frequent killing of Taml Nadu fishermen being killed by the Sri Lankan armed forces,, had India spent 50 % of its efforts in solving the development problem of Northeast, the problem would have been solved by now.


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