Chinese Troops intrude into Indian Territory in Arunachal Pradesh

More than 200 Chinese troops reportedly intruded into as deep as 65KM in Chaglagam area of Anjaw district in Arunachal PRadesh on August 13, 2013 and stayed there for at least 4 days before they went back to LAC ( Line of Actual Control).
People’s Liberation Army (PLA) troops had come over 60 km inside Indian-claimed and administered territory in Chaglagam area and after they were stopped by the Indian troops, the two sides showed banners to each other to leave the area as per sources.

However, the two sides held on to their positions and the Chinese soldiers left after staying put for 4/5 days.

The area falls under the 2 Division of the Army and the deputy commander of the formation had also intervened to resolve the issue, they said.

It may be mentioned that, this news of incursion was first broke in one or few news papers, but ex-BJP MP Tapir Gao took up the news, got verified about the news from Anjaw and then talked to reporters in New Delhi on 20th August 2013. After that this blog also tweeted citing TV Channels scrolling news and this incursion seems to have picked up to appear in major Delhi based news papers, TV channels etc. today.

In April, Chinese troops had entered 19 km inside Indian territory and pitched their tents in Depsang plains in Ladakh. They returned after a three-week stand-off and several rounds of hectic parleys between the top officials of the two countries.

In the last eight months, Army sources said there have been over 150 incursions by the Chinese side and that Indian troops also enter areas claimed by them during patrolling.

Sources: Various online/offline sources.

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