What should be in union Budget for North East India

Indian Union budget would be presented in this week. We had recently asked what Union Government should provide in the budget for North East India, we got response for from many people who majorly opined Infrastructure development to be top priority.

While, not many participated in the Twitter interaction, but the few who replied put forward well thought out responses. Few of the suggestions are as follows :-

1. Infrastructure
Many opined that infrastructure development should be given top priority. Some special package with time bound implementation for infrastructure projects should be provided to North East India, Opined @SoulFacts ( Asomiya Jiyori)

2. Better Investment and Better Educational Institutea
@RoaringSeas ( Rahul Shrivastava) tweeted that Union budget should provide better infrastructure, better colleges, schools and respect for people of North East India. @anilkohli54 ( Anil Kohli) Retweeted itso, we can assume he supported this.

3. Development of Guwahati as Business Hub

@Dev_RS tweeted that Union Government should take steps to develop Guwahati as business hub as growth node for whole North East India as Kolkata had failed to at as growth node for North East India. S/he also opined that in order to reduce transport costs, railway infrastructure should be upgraded.

In related Tweets, @SoulFacts opined that due to limited land, Assam can not afford to set up big industries like that of Gujarat.

It is good sign that many people in the cyber world actively participate matters related to North East India. Most probably, internet would be the medium which would bridge the communication gap between North East India and the rest of the country, India.

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