Some people seem to be trying to cash in from Assam Communal Violence

Assam Communal violence has surely made an impact on India Social Media, be it twitter or facebook. Mainstream media had to take notice as social media had kept the tag #AssamRiot alive in twitter with keeping it trending on and off for last few days.

Sadly, this unfortunate violence has also created opportunities for many so-called gurus in India as well as hardcore Hindu supporters. On Twitter, it was noticed that, some tweeple tried to make it Hindu-Muslim riot, while some tried to make it ‘just another ethnic violence’ in North East India!

But one of the most blatant attempt to cash in this sad violence was observed from the Twitter ID Sri “Sri Ravi Shankar ‏@SriSriSpeaks”. While we do not know if this ID represents the original Ravi Shankar who started the Art Of Living.

We saw @northeastblog tried to engage with him after we found his claim about complaining of Bodos being forcefully converted to Islam too big a lie to digest, but we never got to see any reply. But this surely creates a lot of confusion about his ulterior motive of tweeting like this.

This kind of tweet at such unfortunate time should surely be condemned. It may be mentioned about the original Sri Ravi Shankar was in controversy when he opined that government schools should be closed as they breed Naxalites. He was widely condemned.

Assam is land of Ajan Pir, he saint who taught tolerance among various faiths and helped build Assamese nationality beyond religion and caste. One should not forget that.

BTAD violence is unfortunate incidence which we hope would be solved by engaging in dialogues among communities. But we all should condemn opportunistic people who try to exploit such difficult time of Assam who otherwise never remember North East India.

While it is an acknowledged fact that Assam witnessed influx of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, but many try to paint it in religious colour. Bangladeshi influx had surely changed some demography in Assam, but how to identify and expel them ? Are we going to exterminate them like Hitler tried to do ? What is the way out of this mess ? Are we going to follow Bhutan way as they expelled Nepali Speaking people from their country ? We should have some clear cut solution before we keep dumping all our problems in Assam and North East to illegal Bangladeshi population. Else, this kind atttude would be comparable to typical Indian mentality which blame a fire incident for every lost file in a office!

( The contributor wants to remain anonymous)

3 thoughts on “Some people seem to be trying to cash in from Assam Communal Violence

  • July 27, 2012 at 9:08 am

    Beta, when these Bangladeshis will control the Siliguri Corridor, by taking over Kokrajhar and Dhubri districts, then you will know the actual facts.

    Why don’t you condemn Rajdeep & Sagarika of IBN Network for their comments???

    Or you are too much caught up between the Spiritual gurus?

    You don’t have the guts to Tweet on the issue, but can only reply to others tweet.. Useless.

  • July 27, 2012 at 9:36 am

    You are too harsh on alleged gossip mongers but too soft on illegal bangladeshi muslim migrants,Congress leadership.


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