NSCN(IM) – Assam Rifles stand -off continues

Four days ago, NSCN (IM) had detained four Assam Rifles jawans and snatched their weapons. NSCN (IM) claims that these Assam Rifles Jawans were traveling in a truck and trying to tresspass their Hebron Camp area violating the ceasefire ground rules, so NSCN (IM) were forced to detain them.

Assam Rifles also retaliated by putting up ‘checking point’ in all the approach roads to Hebron Camp, off Dimapur and conducted intense frisking. They also detained four high ranking NSCN (IM) leaders for whole day who were going to Hebron camp for meeting. They were released in the evening.

NSCN (IM) leaders had alleged that the violation of the ceasefire ground rules was a ‘pre-planned’ move by the Assam Rifles in order to restrict the movement of NSCN (IM) cadres in Nagaland.

The NSCN (IM) leader maintained that it would not bow down to the pressures of the AR and said that the 5 AR jawans were not abducted by them, on April 19. On the issue of weapon confiscation, he said, NSCN (IM) would return the weapons in exchange of the arms seized by AR. Stating that NSCN has never refused to hand back the weapons, the leader said that there should be a “reasonable negotiation”.

Meanwhile, it seems that other Naga organizations have come out in support of NSCN (IM) as Assam Rifles Jawans have started frisking common people passing through their check points as well as randomly.

One thought on “NSCN(IM) – Assam Rifles stand -off continues

  • April 23, 2012 at 8:27 am

    The place where I grew up , had Assam Rifles as a complementary. It’s a place called Umrangso in N.C.Hillls. The NSCN(IM) provided funds and ammunation for the Black Widow( Jewel Garlosa). And the AR tortured the public, no need of mentioning Black Widow, they surely did too. What I’ve observed is, there are some literate, educated, well funded man who are easily controlling the minds of the locals to teach them to fight for their rights but with their consent. The knowledgeable men is killing the poor and the distorted.


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