New Media Forum Launched

In order to create a platform for budding journalists and minimize gap between common mass and media a new organization namely “Cater Media Consultancy Forum” was launched Guwahati, today.The forum consists of some working and free launch journalists based in Guwahati would teach the new comers in the field of journalism and the common mass how to write news, press release, clarification etc.Moreover, the forum would also organize seminer, workshop for the students of journalism shortly.

The director of the forum Tunujyoti Gogoi said that they are going to organize a workshop regarding present scenario of the market economy and its challenges. He hoped that this would help the students as well as businessman to gather practical knowledge about market economy.

According to him knowledge about market economy is not only essential for those who are involved with share market but also the students who are preparing for competitive examinations.Mr.Gogoi pointed out that in this workshop, some renowned economists would take part and would disseminate knowledge.

He also said that the forum also help to organize event in Guwahati as well as north-East India. Interested students and others can contact with the –Cater Media Consultancy Forum,Prithivi Prakashan,Medhi Market,Beltola Tin-Ali,Guwahati or 97063-90337,98641-86576.

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