Manipuri Student Assaulted in Pune, Again

While a day ago, whole India celebrated bronze medal by Manipuri boxer Mary Kom, today another Manipuri young boy of 17 years old, Premananda Khomdram, got beaten by 30 unidentified boys for no apparent reasons but for being ‘Chink’, as per reports.

Khomdram, 17, was on his way to college to check on his pre-exam subject listing, when he was approached by a youth. “Ap Assam se ho?”(Are you from Assam?) the youth asked. “I told him no,” recalled Khomdram.

But before he could get beyond that he was slapped on his head. Then another youth came along shouting, “Sab chinki log ko nahi chhodna,” (Don’t let any ‘chinki’ person go.) The next thing he knew was a rain of blows.

“They punched and kicked me on the road. My pleas that I was from Manipur fell on deaf years,” he narrated. Khomdram had been summoned to the college by to check on the subject list put up, by his friend. He was about to call this friend on reaching the college, when he was assaulted. The punches and kicks went on for 15 minutes before he could get away.

Working at a shoe shop on Fergusson College Road, Khomdram goes to college rather sporadically. He stays in a rented apartment at Hadapsar. His parents are farmers based in West Imphal in Manipur.

A group of five students, all members of Manipur Students’ Union, met city police commissioner Gulabrao Pol and discussed the issue with him. “He has assured us that right action will be taken against the culprits,” said union president Alam M K.

This is not a one off incident. As other North East students complain of harassment on Pune roads. “Whenever I am riding my bike, I get pulled by cops for no apparent reason.

They look at me suspiciously and ask all sorts of questions. As a bike rider, I am disgusted by the way we are treated,” says Rock Lungleng, a student at ILS Law College, who is also the ex-president of the Naga Students’ Union.”

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It is very sad to note that students from North East India get assaulted, racial abuse in many Indian cities just because of their looks.

3 thoughts on “Manipuri Student Assaulted in Pune, Again

  • August 11, 2012 at 4:19 pm

    Hi, I was born in Pune and I am ashamed at this incident. Locals in Pune have confirmed that the attackers were some Muslims who were angry because of the Bodo attacks on Muslims in Assam. They are attacking people who look like the Bodos.

    • August 17, 2012 at 8:31 am

      Every man is a judge of himself. Please think twice before you speak or act. How come attackers cannot identify assamese and get beaten up NE mogoloids looks when they don’t even know whats going on in Assam. Assamese have th same looks like any other indian or bengali. Its a shame every indian should know the people and culture of the people in india across. Just for this lunatic act in Pune beating up Manipuris.Another 30% of Muslim in Manipur maybe cast out if situation still continues this way. India is a land of diversity..50% is hindu,30% christian and 20% hindu residing in Manipur. Please think properly before you speak, act or another thousand of our innocent fellows will suffer for your foolishness.

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