Inspiring story from North East India: IAS officer making 100KM road

Armstrong Pame is first IAS ( Indian Administrative Officer) from his Zeme tribe of Tamenglong district in Manipur where he serves as sub-divisional magistrate. He is making a 100KM road now christened Tamenglong-Haflong Road from his home district to Assam which will connect three states, Manipur, Nagaland and Assam. He is constructing the road without any government help.

As per news, government had sanctioned Rs. 101 crore way back in 1982 for the construction of the same road. No news about the money so far, but the road was not constructed and people from villages in Tousem used to walk 60KM for 25KGs of ration which took them about four days. And the ration of 25KGs lasted for about 10 days.

Armstrong Pame graduated from St. Stephens College in Delhi in 2005.

“In June-July this year, there was an outbreak of tropical diseases like typhoid and malaria. It takes two days for anyone in the village to make it to the nearest hospital on foot in the absence of a motorable road. Hundreds of patients had to be carried on makeshift bamboo stretchers, but very few made it to the town alive”, he got frustrated with this situation and pooled in his and family’s own money to raise Rs. 4 lacs and started the construction of the road.

He started a Facebook page to raise money for the project and donation poured in from alla round the world!

The complete story is in Times Of India.

This is truly an inspiring story from North East India, which normally finds a place in national media for wrong reasons.

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