Indian PM recent visit to Myanmar and Insurgents in North East

After 25 years, an Indian PM visited Myanmar when Dr. Manmohan Singh visited its eastern neighbour Myanmar on 27 May 2012. During the visit, he even met Aung San Suu Kyi, opposition leader, and Nobel Peace Prize winner who had spent years in house arrest as she led pro-democracy agitation for decades.

With recent, opening up of Myanmar to the democratic world after facing sanction from western countries led by USA, this visit by an Indian PM is significant and timely. As expected, Indian PM could get assurance from Myanmar government a promise which says, Myanmar will not allow North Eastern insurgents group to establish and operate training camp in Myanmar.

Till now, ULFA and many other North Eastern insurgent groups have been maintaining various training camps in Myanmar for decades now. While, there have been efforts between two countries to fight insurgents operating in areas bordering both countries, but that did not make much success, mainly due to harsh terrains.

In order to provide connectivity to land-locked North East India from ASEAN countries, road connectivity Myanmar is a must which is a member of ASEAN an shares a 1600KM long border with India. They have pledged to complete road connectivity by 2016 which will make it possible to drive o Thailand from India via Myanmar. India will also undertake repairs of 71 bridges on the Tamu-Kalewa Friendship Road.

This is a long pending visit by any Indian PM. With Myanmar acting against North Eastern insurgent groups, these groups will find it difficult to sustain their activities. Peace may come back to North Eastern states after decades of violence.

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