Exodus of North East People continues

The exodus of North Eastern people living in Indian cities continue to leave for their home states as authorities blame it on rumour of threatening to them. As per many reports in Times of India, The Hindu, North East people are now leaving from cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Hyerabad apart from Bangalore.

Meanwhile, Indian PM had asked chief ministers of all states from where North Eastern people ar fleeing, to ensure their safety. The issue of North Eastern people leaving cities for home states has reached Parliament which is in session and likely to be debated.

While, it was widely published and circulated that, there was no actual threat to people from North East India in Hyderabad, but today, Times of India published an article how six youths from Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh had decided to leave Hyderabad who came there for competitive exam coaching.

“Threatened by locals, six youth from Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh who came to Hyderabad for competitive exam coaching booked their flights back home. Pamheiba (name changed) from Manipur said seven locals asked him to leave the city on Thursday morning.

“Around 7.30am, I went to Sher Gate in King Koti for breakfast. A group of seven locals confronted me and asked if I was from Assam. When I said I was from Manipur, they told me that all these states are the same and I should leave immediately,” Pamheiba said.

“Some of my friends said they, too, faced similar threats in the last two days. We decided to quit,” Pamheiba said. They didn’t seek police help fearing backlash. “Initially our hostel owner assured us help but he backtracked,” he added.”
Source : Times of India

Link : http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Northeast-migrants-flee-Pune-Bangalore-Chennai/articleshow/15524200.cms

We hope government and authorities take these incidents seriously, do not dismiss such incidents as rumour. And if this incident of threat is false, then Times Of India should be held responsible for rumour mongering.

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