Bangladesh Election And Insurgency in North East India

Bangladesh is no longer safe heaven for NE millitants
Indian security agencies are apprehensive of North East insurgent groups trying to re-establish after general election in Bangladsh next year if not-so-friendly government comes to power. Bangladesh can be credited with India’s successful split of ULFA, one of the most powerful and famous insurgent group in North East India.

Bangladesh authorities had ‘pushed back’ ULFA chairman Arabind Rajkhowa along with many others through its border posts to India who were promptly arrested by Indian authorities. Apart from many ULFA cadres, leaders from Manipur insurgents too were similarly pushed back to India as India and Bangladesh does not have an extradition treaty. These arrangements worked as Bangladesh elected pro-India party Awami League in 2008.

All these may change if known anti-India party Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) wins the next election.

Insurgents in North East India established bases in Bangladesh exploiting the porous border between India and Bangladesh. Bangladesh offered an option when ever security forces of Myanmar put pressure on them in Myanmar where traditionally insurgents from North East India established bases.

So, we hope a friendly government wins in election in Bangladesh and the peace in North East India is maintained.

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