ULFA threatens Congress in Assam

In a surprising development, it is reported that ULFA’s anti-talk faction led by self styled Commander In Chief Paresh Barua had threatened Congress to launch armed strike against it. According to Times Of India, ULFA mailed them warning people to stay away from Congress meetings ahead of Assam assembly election due in April 2011.

ULFA had accused Congress of trying to weaken ULFA by splitting it. ULFA will attack Congress with arms and they are requesting people not to attend their meetings as they do not want to harm.

Almost all senior leaders of ULFA were in jail and then released by Assam government in order to pave way for talks between ULFA and Government of India. India PM Manmohan Singh is visiting Assam for two days to lay foundation stone for few projects. The ULFA threat coinciding with this visit is significant.

ULFA had agreed to talk to government unconditionally while Paresh Barua rejected the talks if sovereignty demand is not included in the talks.

It would be interesting now how Congress leaders react to this threat. It may be mentioned that, Paresh BArua led ULFA had mentioned about ‘exploration of resources’ in Assam by central government and took an anti-dam stand. While Arabinda Rajkhowa led ULFA faction has taken a anti-Bodoland stand.

Incidentally, both issues are quite irritant for Congress and it does not have a clear policy on both.

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