Today is Goru Bihu in Assam

Today is Goru Bihu as well as last day of year in Assam as per Assamese calendar. On this day, the cattle are washed, smeared with ground turmeric and other pastes in the morning at river or pond nearby village.

They are also struck with sprigs of “dighalati” and “makhiyati” ( special tree found in Assam and North East India) and endeared to be healthy and productive (“lao kha, bengena kha, bosore bosore barhi ja/maar xoru, baper xoru, toi hobi bor bor goru – in Assamese”—eat gourd, eat brinjal, grow from year to year/your mother is small, your father is small, but you be a large one).

In the evening, villagers go from household to household and sing Bihu Geets, known as “Husori”. The house hold welcome the singers with “Xorai” and “Tamul pan”. The singers then bless the household for prosperous year ahead, good harvest.

On this day, people in Assam eat 101 types of herbal plants in many places.

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