Pro-Talk ULFA condemns Bomb Blast at Rajiv Bhavan, Guwahati

Pro-Talk ULFA faction led by its founding president, Arabinda Rajkhowa had condemned the bomb attack on Rajiv Bhavan, Congress Head Quarter, in Guwahati on Monday, evening 14 Mar 2011 injuring five person, one seriously.

In a press release, pro-talk ULFA leaders had termed the bomb attack “unconstitutional” and committed by Paresh Barua on his own. They also threatened Paresh Barua of organisational action for taking such steps on his own.

While anti-Talk faction of ULFA had warned earlier that they would mount armed attack on Congress during polls, por-talk ULFA had not reacted to such threat. Congress leaders too did not take the warning seriously it seems! But this attack on Rajiv Bhavan in the heart of the Guwahati City has shaken up every one. Now security personal have been assigned to all Congress leaders.

With Pro-Talk ULFA condemnation on the bomb attack promptly, most probably the division of ULFA once again is now final. It may be mentioned that pro-talk ULFA are not officially in ceasefire with Government. The top leaders are out from jail on bail.

Security should be beefed up and any such future attack should be prevented by security forces. Congress leaders should also take the ULFA threat seriously and should take precautions to avoid being easy target.

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