Plebiscite Demand gaining Momentum in Manipur

With arrested UNLF ( United National Liberation Front) chief refusing to negotiate with Indian Government and renewing his demand for plebiscite in Manipur, plebiscite demand is gaining momentum in Manipur, as per reports published in local News Paper The Sanghai Express.

A public meeting was held at Pukhao Laipham Imphal East which was organised by Awang Lam Pukhao UMO Unit on the theme “People’s Participation in Resolving The Indo-Manipur conflict.”

Presi- dent of Awang Lam Pukhao UMO Unit Thangjam Nongalleima , president of UMO Mayai Loisang Sorojini Leimai and Thounaojam Rajen Chairman of Laipham Khul attended the meeting as president, chief guest and guest of honour respectively.

Right to self determination is a right guaranteed by the United Nations said Araba while Priyokumar maintained that after the British left in 1947, Manipur automatically returned to its sovereign status. But after 1949, the seeds of discord began to rear its ugly head, he said and asserted that plebiscite is the best option to resolve the conflict.
Source : The Sanghai Express

Insurgency in Manipur is almost 60 years old. Being World’s largest democracy, India is also home to largest number of separatist movements many of which are more than 60 years old. The feeling of ‘Indian by Accident’ is rampant in many places in North East India. Lack of development, AFSPA, and ignorance of North East people, culture people from other states are not helping either.

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