Paresh Barua in China : Government of India

According to Assam Tribune report, Home Ministry at the central government of has concrete evidence of the presence of anti-talk faction leader Paresh Barua is in Yunnan province of China. According to the report, there are only handful of ULFA cadres with Paresh Barua in China.
Sources pointed out that over the years, China has been denying the fact that the ULFA leader used to visit that country often. But this time, the Government of India has concrete evidence of the presence of Baruah in the Yunan province.

Apart from ULFA, NSCN (IM) also has small camp in the same province in China, according to MHA sources. This disclosure of presence of insurgent group from India’s North East is significant in the present back drop of news about India’s army build up in North East India and China’s reaction to it.

Recently, India went ahead with Vietnam for oil exploration in South China sea ignoring Chinese protest. Also China has recently released its reaction of massive modernisation of Indian Army in the North East.

Now this disclosure about Paresh Barua, who commands some emotional support in Assam in the name of independence, being present in China can be seen as an important development.

It may be mentioned that, China claims the Indian Army build up in North East India as policy of “Containment of China” by United States of India.

We can expect some more disclosures from both sides in near future.

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