No more division of Assam : Tarun Gogoi

Assam Chief Minister, Tarun Gogoi had reiterated that Assam will not be divided any more. “We are for a considerate response to the issues raised by the militant outfits but no further division of the State is possible to accommodate their demands. We have made this very clear,” Gogoi said at a press conference in Guwahati recently.

This statement is significant since recently NDFB pro-talk group held a demonstration in Kokrajhar, demanding creation of Bodoland which would include present BTAD areas and sent a memorandum to president of India.

With BJP supporting creation of smaller states and recent demand for Telengana state out of Andhra Pradesh, it would be a difficult situation for Congress government in Assam. NDFB, who had been demanding separate country before ceasefire, has now come down to demanding separate state.

Demand for separate Bodoland state saw violent agitation in 1990s which resulted in formation of BTAD areas under sixth schedule of Indian constitution where districts enjoy autonomy barring few departments like Police, Judicial etc.

Apart from Bodos, other tribes in Assam have also been demanding sixth schedule districts at separate areas in Assam.

2 thoughts on “No more division of Assam : Tarun Gogoi

  • September 4, 2011 at 3:06 pm

    Why would Mr Tarun Gogoi will be interested in dividing Assam? Is not Assam a Muslim majority state? Is it not clear why Congress is so powerful? Why not look at the list of Muslim MLAs and Ministers Is it not clear that he is collaborating with the center to sell out Assam to Bangladesh? Why give hundreds of acres of lands to Bangladesh? Why would Tarun Gogoi care about Bodo/Boro or even Assamese people? Are these question make any sense? It is important to ask the hard questions!

  • October 22, 2011 at 2:42 pm

    The so called elite society or the intellectuals of Assam or the Bodoland should voice appropriately instead of giving mere opinions. Their views should be constructive and genuine to the human needs. …Gangaram


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