Late Major Jyotin wins Ashok Chakra

Late Major Jyotin, posted in Kabul, Afghanistan has become first person from Manipur to receive the highest peace time gallantry award in India, Ashok Chakra for his exceptional bravery. He sacrificed his life while fighting back terrorists during an attack on Indians in Kabul.

Major Jyotin was posted in the Indian Embassy in Kabul when a couple of terrorists stormed the residential complex firing indiscriminately and lobbing grenades on February 16. Maj Jyotin charged bare handed on the suicide bomber pinning him down on the ground.

Unable to escape, the militant detonated his explosive-laden vest killing himself as well as the officer. The undaunted courage of Maj Jyotin saved a lot of innocent lives at the Embassy.

Major Jyotin is brave son of North East India and we salute him for his sacrifice as well as recognition.

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