India Today puts flood in Lakhimpur, Nauboicha to be of Uttar Pradesh

One of the most respected English weekly magazine, India Today has again reported about flood news from Assam to be that of Uttar Pradesh! Lakhimpur and Nowboicha as well as other areas of north bank of Brahmpautra in Assam has been in news for flood for some time now and India Today magazine too published a small news about flood in Assam, but they got the state wrong, once again!

The report is published on page 16 of 1st August 2011 edition which reads ” Affected by floods over one lakh people in 90 villges in Lakhimpur and Nauboicha circles of Lakhimpur district, Uttar Pradesh.”

It may be mentioned that, this is not first time that India Today had made such mistake. It had done it before, it had shown its ignorance about North Eastern states in its previous publication too, on its edition of September 6, 2010, such ignorance has been noticed where Aroon Purie, ‘The Editor’ in chief and Ravi Shankar, ‘Editor At Large’ used Manipur and Mizoram interchangeably!

India Today does not Know about Assam!

It may be mentioned that there is also a district called Lakhimpur Kheri in Uttar Pradesh, but no way it is affected by flood and people got displaced there! During this period, Assam appears in news papers, TVs due to flood only, and some common sense was expected from either the reporter or the editor of the news!

Incidentally, IGNOU also displayed Nagaland as separate country in its website, as per Times Of India news here.

Recently, it is reported that, India Today has posted one permanent reporter in Guwahati to cover North Eastern part of India. It is an welcome step and we hope it will help India Today group learn about North East India!

One thought on “India Today puts flood in Lakhimpur, Nauboicha to be of Uttar Pradesh

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