IAF Bombing on Aizwal in 1966 : Mizos demand apology

Indian Air Force bombed Aizwal ( known as Aijal at that time) on 4th March 1966 in order to disperse MNF ( Mizo National front) insurgents who were laying siege to Asam Rifles head quarter in Aizwal. Many Mizos took out rally’s on Saturday, 5th March 2011 to mark the 45th year of Bombing.

It is the only instance when Indian Air Forces carried out an airstrike in its own civilian territory in North East India. Indian Air Force used Toofani Fighter and Hunter Fighter to bomb Aizwal from Tezpur air base.

Holding placards reading “Father, forgive them for they don’t know what they did to us,” and “No India, No Cry”, the rallyists demanded a public apology from the Centre “for attacking its own citizens with combat aircraft as if the Mizos were its enemies”.

Former Lok Sabha member H Lallungmuana, who addressed the demonstrators, regretted that the Prime Minister and the UPA chairperson “still refuse to apologise to the Mizos for the Centre’s terrible action 45 years ago”. He added, “The Mizos will try to break away from their step parents if the feeling of being neglected or Delhi’s step-motherly attitude towards them continues.” Times Of India

MNF declared independence on 1st March 1966 hoisting MNF flag and even took out a victory parade on 2 March 1966. After prolonged insurgency, Mizo districts ( known as Lusai Hills) were made Union Territory as “Mizoram” on 21 January 1972. Later it was converted to full fledged state in 1976 with Aizwal as its capital.

It is rare to use Air Forces to strike within its own territory. But most probably, the fresh defeat by India in 1962 war with China as well as indecisive war with Pakistan prompted Indian Government to resort to such use of force in order to defuse secessionist movement from Mizoram.

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