Government Jobs in north eastern states of India

One of the main aims of the Government of India is to work for welfare of people. The Government helps to reduce the inequalities between the rich and the poor by providing government jobs to all. Maps of eastern states of India North Eastern States of India are Sikkim and the seven sister states if India.

These seven sister states besides Sikkim are –
1. Assam
2. Arunachal Pradesh
3. Manipur
4. Meghalaya
5. Mizoram
6. Trpura and
7. Nagaland
The international boundary separate India from neighboring countries Burma, China, Bhutan and Bangladesh. The physical structure of a place or region, helps in creating work and employment sectors also as the employment sector depends to a large extent on the physical structure. North East India is rich in Minerals, Water and Forest resources. Coal, Gas, Oil and Limestone are found here. Limestone is an important mineral and is used for manufacturing cement. Demand for cement is huge all over. Mineral extraction and areas for their usage, has and can be tapped further to create jobs. The State of Assam, one of the north eastern states of India, is rich in natural resources, mineral and water resources but is backward by industries standard across India. It has only a few agro and mineral based industries. Agriculture is the main occupation in Assam. Assam is the worlds largest TEA growing region and has given jobs to many. It has many tea gardens. Premium tea is grown here in abundance and sent to meet domestic demand and foreign demand. CTC tea and Gwahati tea are moving on the path to development. Oil and Gas is also explored here. The Indian Oil corporation and Assam Company looks after this.. State Government has set up Special Economic Zone (SEZ). This provides products and related services for Oil & Gas, Energy and the Petrochemical Sector. Both petroleum and natural gas are a valuable source of power and various other chemical by-products It produces liquified petroleum gas (LPG), petrol, kerosene, diesel, furnace oil, coke etc. Several refineries have been set up. State controls huge coal reserves. Tourism has become an important industry here. Tourism jobs have wide scope of growth in this area. Welfare foundation programs like KRIPA, a non governmental organization, assist people in several ways. NGO and Sakori jobs are also available in this region. Several cement factories which have come up in Assam due to availability of high quality of limestone. Granite is found here in several colours. Grey Granite is used for road building and railway ballast. This granite has a massive demand. Cottage Industries too have a major place to hold here. Spinning and weaving, silk production are important. Foot looms are used for commercial production of silk.

Government has created employment in areas of plantation, aquaculture, poultry and dairy and also reserves seats for people from this area in jobs, education etc. State Corporate Bank, State Bank of Sikkim play an important role in development. Jobs in Sikkim are available in Finance, Accounts, Adminstration, Engineering. Bank of India employees many people here. Educational organizations are run by Government and give jobs to many here. Universities and colleges give jobs to many. Institutes of Technology too have an important role to play. Hospitals and very good medical institutions in Assam exist. Ministry of Development for North East helps in creating infrastructure and thus jobs also. Hydro projects give jobs in Arunachal Pradesh.
Initiatives taken by Ministry of Development for North Eastern states help to increase employment. Ministry of Panchyati Raj helps in several ways, Rural Business Hubs combine local inherent skills with Production and Marketing Government has strong CPWD department – Central Pubic Works Department has played a strong role in providing jobs and development of these states. Consultants in north eastern council are required and employed.
Compiled by Madhulika Chand

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