Gana Shakti : A force to reckon in Mising dominated areas in Assam

With formalising the seat sharing arrangement with AGP ( Asm Gana Parishad), Gana Shakti , a small regional party in Assam visible in few upper Assam districts where Mising has population, has come out as a force to reckon. Presently, it has one MLA, Bhuban Pegu who was elected from Jonai reserved constituency in 2006 defeating Pradan Barua of Congress.

IN the seat sharing arrangement, AGP will support Gana Shakti in two constituencies Jonai and Majuli while Gana Shakti will support AGP in other 20 seats in Upper Assam districts mainly in Dhakuakhana, Dhemaji.

In the last Panchayat Election, Gana Shakti could win many seats in Jonai, Dhemaji, Dhakuakhan, Majuli etc. in Mising dominated areas. Dr. Ranoj Pegu, president of Gana Shakti is a popular leader among Misings who first shot to fame with a party called URMCA(United Reservation Movement Council of Assam) in 1990.

Dr. Ranoj Pegu had contested many elections, but never won. But he has been able to consistently get sizable Mising votes.

While there is protest in AGP in Majuli for leaving that seat for Gana Shakti, but Majuli has almost 70% of Misings in its total population and Gana Shakti has strong support here, So AGP’s move is considered a prudent one in uniting anti-Congress votes. AGP-Gana Shakti combine will be a formidable force.

Dhakuakhana, Dhemaji, Sadiya, Dergaon, Gahpur are other seats where AGP is likely to benefit from this arrangement. Many opine that AGP is now almost certain to win Dhakuakhana, Dhemaji and Gahpur with Gana Shakti support. Bhuban Pegu will also benefit in his Jonai constituency with AGP support.

It may be mentioned that Bhuban Pegu and Himanta Biswa Sarma were contemporary in Cotton College, Guwahati in 1992 when Bhuban Pegu defeated Himanta Biswa Sarma for the post of General Secretary in its student body election.

Dr. Ranoj Pegu is trained doctor ad known for his oratory skills.

One thought on “Gana Shakti : A force to reckon in Mising dominated areas in Assam

  • March 8, 2011 at 10:51 am

    Schools, college, technical schools and other educational institutuions must also opend in the rural areas where deprived and poor students will be educated and specialized in the filed.
    As for me indigenous tribals must be given privilege first for socio-political, economic, and educations in order to developed and bring peach in the state. Due to long deprivation and negligence by the goverment today we many violance and insurgency in the state especially in the north East India. Because of negligence, deprivations of right and discrimanation among the people. Bodos have to fingt for seperate statehood. Therefore, Bodos should be given seperate state and other tribals shold be ST. status…..


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