Assam Election 2011 Updates for last week – 1

Almost a week passed by and there has been many interesting development, incidents had taken place so far in Assam. We would try to summarize few such interesting incidents in our weekly update on every Sunday.

The complete election scenario has not been clear yet apart from few constituencies as the list of candidates by by major political parties have not been finalised yet. Some of the interesting election related incidents have been listed below :-

1. BJP Office in Quwahati ransacked

Agitated workers from BJP’s Morigaon unit had ransacked its state office in Guwahati over its list of candidates. They were protesting against candidature of Prahlad Bhuyan from the Morigaon constituency. The agitated workers mostly consisted women activists.

2. Congress will win 42 seats

According to a pre-election survey commissioned by AICC(All India Congress Committee), Congress will win 42 seats in Assam 2011 Assembly election. While the AGP gets 39, the BJP 26, the AUDF 19 and the Congress 42. And if Congress ties up with AIUDF, then the combine may win 82 seats, as per the survey!

3. Candidates likely to be finalised next week

Except Congress, all other major political parties like AGP, BJP, AIUDF, TMC and others may finalise and bring out their list of candidates next week. Congress has a tradition of bringing out their official list of candidates till the last moment to reduce dissidents.

4. Few Constituencies to watch

The picture of few constituencies have become clear now. The Margherita constituency will see clash between BJP Kamakhya Prasad Tasha and Congress’s Pradyut Bordoloi. The other interesting constituency would be Dhakuakhana where MLA for 25 years Bharat Narah would face tough contest from Naba Doley of AGP.

The election fever is visible now in almost all corners in Assam now.

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