Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi’s Foreign Visit

As usual Assam chief minister Tarun Gogoi, once again mocks people’ plight. The state chief minister Tarun Gogoi has taken another foreign visit at a time when flood situation in the state deteriorates rendering thousands of people homeless.

The chief minister has taken this visit arguing that the motif of his visit to observe the education system of the developed countries. Accordingly he left Guwahati today. He will leave Delhi tomorrow at 6-40 A.M. for London.After that he will visit Switzerland and France.

According to official sources he would visit England,France Switzerland etc foreign countries.In such a situation one may ask question about his accountability.Instead of visiting inundated areas and taking apporiate measures to ameliorate the situation he took this visit.

The mighty Brahamputra and its tributaries inundate vast areas of Lakhimpur and Dhemaji districts.Some part of Dhakuakhana and Jonai remain under flood till today. As such, tens of thousands of people have to take shelter in the dykes passing sleepless night.But unfortunately the chief minister, as it seems, has no intention to do some needful for the flood-affected people.He may argue that for flood control the state government has a department.But what the flood control department has done in the previous years is witnessed by us.

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