Bomb Blast at Rajiv Bhavan in Guwahati

An IED ( Improvised Explosive Device) blast took place today at around 6:55PM at Rajib Bhaban, Congress Headquarter in Guwahati, Assam. In the incident, Mehdi Alom Bora, Ranjan Bora, Akshay Rajkhowa were injured in the bomb blast and rushed to Guwahati Medical College.

Paresh Barua of ULFA has taken the responsibility of the bomb blast in an email sent to NE TV ( North East Television), Guwahati as per NETV reports.

Paresh Barua had warned that Congress had been claiming that ULFA has been weakened and this armed attack on Congress should be taken as proof that ULFA is not weakened and capable of striking anywhere in Assam at will.

In the beginning, it was thought to be a grenade blast, but Assam DGP Sankar Barua, on reaching the blast site clarified that, it was an IED blast.

Mehdi Alom Bora had more injuries while others had minor injuries and were seen speaking to media person.

Assam Chief Minister had condemned the blast and ad asked Police to nab the culprits at the earliest. Assam Governor JB Pataik had also condemned the blast strongly.

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