Benefits of Government Jobs in India

job searchYoung Indians are seeking Government jobs more frequently now than a few decades ago. The main reason seems to be that most of the applicants are from poorer economical backgrounds and are seeking stability and security, rather than risky, high financial gains. It is a well known fact that no matter what the economical climate, government jobs are the safest and the threat of losing one’s employment is minimal and will not be through economical crisis if this should happen. As the country is developing, so is the salary structure scale being reviewed for Indian Government Job Search. The amount of Indian Government Jobs is also continually increasing due to many factors such as foreign investment, increased infrastructures and public health requirements.

For a people who have continually known hardship and poverty, Indian Government Jobs offer security, stability and previously undreamed of benefits such as:

  • Regular working hours;
  • Decent salaries with regular salary scale increments;
  • Bonuses;
  • Good retirement plans;
  • Insurance cover for the whole family;
  • Medical benefits for employee and family;
  • Training grants and bursaries for individuals who want to upgrade their education;
  • In certain Indian Government Jobs, housing and amenities are also offered;

It can be understood that anyone from a previously poor or middle class family will seek these advantages as a priority.

In the past, Indian Government Jobs were reputed to pay lower salaries than private sector jobs, but this tendency has been reversed with the recent introduction of the “Sixth Pay Commission”.

However, wanting to penetrate an Indian Government Job and actually doing so are two very different things. Indian Government Jobs are regularly advertised, even though the job very often goes to an insider who has previously been earmarked, in the form of a promotion rather than a new recruit. On application, an exam must be written and the results of this exam will determine the shortlist for candidates who will actually obtain an interview. A second interview is often necessary before the final selection is made. Once the very prized position is obtained, most employees will make sure that they remain in position by doing what is expected and more.

Indian Government Job seekers are much better informed nowadays as there are many different areas where the jobs are advertised. The Government website, recruitment agencies, online recruitment agencies and newspapers all advertise regularly. There are even sites which give mock exam papers to potential candidates wanting to put everything in their favour before applying for an Indian Government job.

A Civil Servant in India is seen as a very important person and given high regard and respect by the rest of the society.

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