Anandaram Dhekial Phookan College releases books on human rights and gender issues in New Delhi

Anandaram Dhekial Phookan College releases books on human rights and gender issues in New Delhi
November 27, 2011 Anandaram Dhekial Phookan College, Nagaon, Assam has organized a book release program in association with The Tribal Reporter(
Gandhi Peace Foundation, New Delhi today. The books are on the issues of human rights and condition of women titled “Insurgency, Counter Insurgency and the issues of Human Rights” and “Women Issues and Perspectives”, edited by Arindam Borkataki and Neeta Sharma respectively and published by Dr.S.U.Ahmed on behalf of the college.

The books were inaugurated by noted intellectual and journalist Kuldip Nayar and former Home Secretary to the Govt. of India, G.K.Pillai. The primary issues of discussion in these two books are an account of the latest social movements and up heals of the Northeastern part of India which continues to be one f the most militarized zones in Indian sub continent. The conflict between the state machinery and the insurgent groups has impinged upon the existence of citizen, which admittedly continues to have a paralyzing effect.

This book on human rights makes a sincere attempt to discuss a significant phase of our social history in the recent past taking the cardinal issues of human rights as the central point. On the other hand in the whole political drama of conflict in the northeast region of India, the role of women as subject, the collateral and actor and their status whether in centre or periphery holds higher significance. Trying to answer various questions of deliberate choosing of the women in conflicts as a soft target, the book on women issues attempts to provide comprehensive analysis of gender angle in all its varied aspects in the context of women of North East.

Accepting the large scale human rights violations in North Eastern part of India ,Mr.Pillai opines that India need to change its policies in North East.Pillai expresses his concern that in India the human rights violation always gets a low priority even in small issue like corruption India is not a signatory to the UN convention of Prevention of corruption till last year.

He expressed concern that in spite no such outbreak large scale violence in Nagaland in past ten years ,the whole state is continued to be declared as Disturbed area. Noted veteran journalist Kuldeep Nayar strongly condemns the draconian law AFPSA which is in force in the region.Assam is a very neglected part of India,and the government has not correctly formulated its policy for entire North East.

It has left it to control of army.Taking critical view of current day Politics he goes on saying that today morality is absent in politics which focus on non-isseus espcially in the case of North East. The book release programme was attende by many a human rights group of India and civil society members,to name a few eminent lawyer and human rights activist ND Pancholi,Filmmaker Pankaj Butalia.

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