15 Bru refugees charred to death in Tripura

Due to an accidental fire in a Bru refugee camp at Naisinghpara in North Tripura district in North East India, 15 Bru refugees were charred to death and 8 other were injured.

“Fifteen charred bodies of men, women and children were recovered so far from the camp. Fire broke out at about 12 noon and soon engulfed the camp,” DIG Police (Control) Nepal Das.

The injured were admitted to Kanchanpur hospital.

He said, Superintendent of Police North Tripura district and other top officials of paramilitary Tripura State Rifles (TSR) and Assam Rifles were camping in the area.

Of the total six evacuee camps in Kanchanpur, Naisingpara is the largest camp, where 19,743 people of 3014 families are huddled, official sources said, adding many pigs, goats and poultry were also gutted.

Bru or Reangs are minority in Mizoram also live in Tripura. They are of Tibeto-Burmese origin and their language falls in Tibeto-Burman family.

Minority Bru from Mizoram were displaced after ethnic clash between Bru and Mizos in 1997. After that ethnic tension, many Bru families fled to Tripura and had been living in refugee camps there since. Recently, Mizoram government had started repatriation.

Source : Assam Tribune

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