10 questions that political parties in Assam have not replied yet

North East ( India ) blog had recently tried to contact some major political parties in Assam through email addresses provided in their respective websites. But none of them had responded back to the 10 questions we wanted to share the answers with our readers.

While Dr. Baharul Islam or AIUDF replied that he would respond, none of the other parties responded. Here are the ten questions we asked them ?

1. Do you have a vision document for Assam or any long term plan for Assam for its development ? If yes, kindly share as well as explain how to achieve the same.

2. Which is the party in Assam who you consider to be your main competition or opposition and why do you think voters should prefer your party over your opposition ?

3. What are you three main poll issues for the coming Assembly election ?

4. What is your view about ‘autonomous council’s in Assam ?

5. In how many seats your party would be contesting and how many seats you expect to win ?

6. In case of hung assembly, which are parties you may consider to support or join for government formation ?

7. What is your opinion about big dams being built in Arunachal Pradesh ?

8. How will your party tackle corruption if voted to power ?

9. Do you have any special scheme to involve youths in Assam’s development as well as its political process ?

10. What is your opinion about root cause of terrorism, separatism in Assam and how do you intend to eradicate them ?

Now that election dates have been announced, we will again try to contact them to get few answers. We would like to request all to add their questions here by commenting to this post.

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