United Naga Council will talk to Manipur Government

Central Government has been successful in brokering a truce between agitating UNC ( United Naga Council ) and Manipur State Government. UNC has also agreed to talk to Manipur Government and talks between two sides is likely to be held on 16th October 2010.

UNC has been opposing the autonomous district councils (ADCs) in hills of Manipur inhabited by Nagas, they are demanding to repeal the Manipur (Hill area) District Council Act of 2008, which it claims restrains the functioning of the councils.

NC had last month imposed a 20-day economic blockade on Manipur. It came less than two months after another Naga organization – All Naga Students’ Association of Manipur – had temporarily suspended its 69-day blockade on two arterial highways leading to state capital Imphal.

A spokesperson of the UNC confirmed New Delhi’s role in facilitating talks between the Naga body and the Manipur government.

“Our leaders have returned after camping 25 days in Delhi. Let’s see what comes out of the meeting likely late next week,” he said.

It is an welcome move by both parties to come back to negotiating table.

Source : www.dy365.in

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