Talks on ULFA-GOI talks

The talks between ULFA-GOI has become again a hot topic in Assam and North East! Recently, eminent people from Assam met Prime Minister, Dr. Monmohan Singh, incidentally an MP from Assam, and the talks have between ULFA-GOI has come back to centrestage again!

But, the much awaited peace as well as much expected actual ‘talks’ between ULFA-GOI may not take places, opines Kaushik Deka in his recent blog, According to him :-

“Strangely, there was no mention of Paresh Barua in the 45-minute long meeting at the prime minister’s residence. The yet-to-be arrested commander-in-chief of ULFA has repeatedly said that the separatist outfit will talk only on the issue of sovereignty. Obviously, no government can accept such a demand and Gogoi has already said that he would not wait till eternity for Barua to change his mind.
So what will be the next step? The Assam Government will continue preparing grounds for talks till the Assembly polls next year and will probably return to power bargaining peace for votes. The peace process will start again and may eventually lead to the release of the ULFA leaders who will stand for elections in 2016. Sounds simple and shocking, but that’s how the transition from bullet to ballot happens.”
He writes in his popular blog in India Today.

It will be interesting to see what actually happens to these lot of talks about talks between ULFA and Government of India!

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