Protest against distortion of Assamese language in Ads

Friends of Assam and Seven Sisters (FASS), India has appealed to the audio-visual media in Assam to stop broadcasting advertisements in which the Assamese language is insultingly distorted. India president Shantikam Hazarika said that in some of the local broadcasting channels, some Assamese language advertisements are being broadcast which are apparently dubbed by persons who do not know how to speak the Assamese language.

“The result is that in these advertisements, the Assamese language sounds outlandish and ludicrous.” He adds. Calling upon the concerned local channels to immediately stop broadcasting the offensive advertisements, Hazarika warned that no other people would tolerate such derogatory assaults on their language.

Apart from this protest, here has been regular noise, protests, sarcasm about in-appropriate pronunciation of Assamese words by many TV anchors, news readers as well as Radio Jockeys in Assam. These protest were limited on internet forums like orkut, facebook, twitter etc. It is good to see FASS now coming out with protest against distortion of Assamese language.

“We find that there are many prominent citizens who regularly take part in the deliberations organized by these channels. We also request them to avoid these channels till the channels mend their ways,” Hazarika said.

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