Politics of Big dams in North East India hots up

Looks like, the politics of big dams in North East India is hotting up with many stakeholders throwing in their hats. While various environmentalist groups, ethnic groups likely to be most affected by these dams, Mising community (second largest tribe in Assam, a natural riverside inhabitants ), KMSS led by Akhil Gogoi, AASU, etc. are already in the ring, recently, the ruling party Congress has also thrown in their hat by announcing that they would like Assam winter Assembly session from November 8 so that the House could take a decision on the crucial issue.

So, finally Government of Assam has woken up to popular public resentment against big dams in Arunachal Pradesh , except a goof up that, the same had already been discussed already in 2009!

As per recent news, KMSS ( Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti) led by charismatic Akhil Gogoi, has submitted memorandum signed by more than 110,000 people demanding scrapping of ongoing big dams in North East India.

Various congress leaders have been seen to be trying to sidestepping the core issue of ‘danger to Assamese people living on the downstream of these big dams’ by questioning motif of KMSS leader Akhil Gogoi raising these issues just ahead of election in Assam in first quarter in 2011. We would like to point out that, this seems to be an excellent strategy from KMSS, TMPK and AASU to raise this issue during election time so that nobody can ignore public resentment against these big dams in North East India.

Some people argue that thousand of crores have been already spent on Subansiri dams as well as other dams under construction and these should not be abandoned! Prof Deben Dutta had opined that this kind of argument is like detonating an atom bomb since much effort and money have been invested while building them! Our view would be, consider these money gone down the drain just like many thousand crores scams across the country!

Sources : Various Web Forums, News Portals

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