Pakistani Hacker targets Website of Assam!

Pakistani Hacker group “**pAkoS** ThE 1 mAn ArMy!” has hacked website of satellite TV Channel in Assam, DY365. Whats more, they have even put up some advertisement page, in case some people click their ads and they earn some money!

While, there has been instances when some Indian official websites have been hacked and defaced by Pakistani Hackers, but this seems to be first time, they have targeted any website from Assam, that too of a TV channel!

Hacked DY365 Website by Pakistani Hacker

We hope DY365 will restore their website soon.

The website DY365.IN is hosted in server in USA. Presently, the site has malware and we strongly advise not to visit the site without updated AntiVirus installed on their PC/laptop.

UPDATE : The website DY365.IN is up. In an interesting observation, DY365 reports the following :-

“The website was hacked and attempts are being made to trace the hackers. Interestingly the website freezed just few minutes prior to the live telecast of KMSS leader Akhil Gogoi’s press meet in which the leader was suppose to disclose the property list of health minister Himanta Biswa Sharma. Moreover, reports of cable lines being going defunct at the same time too came from various parts of the state. ” DY365

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