One more local TV Channel launched in Assam

News Time Assam, a new Assamese satellite channel would be formally launched tomorrow by Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi at Guwahati. This was announced by Gautam Kundu, chairman and managing director, Rosevalley, and Pratap Bordoloi, chief editor, News Time Assam during a press conference today.

He also informed that the channel would organise educational competitions with awards, reality shows, promote scholarships and customer care oriented programme to attract viewers.

β€œThe USP of the channel would be its fair and balanced, sensitively treated news with creative and original programming,” Kundu stated.

News by Assam Tribune.

There are already three channels in Assam, oldest being NETV, then NewsLive and DY365 apart from PRAG cable channel.

Though number of channels have increased in Assam, the quality and standard of reporting in the existing channels pale while compared to Delhi based news channels. But we can hope, both viewers as well as the people associated with these channels would be benefited. Also, we should expect some improvement in quality of content.

7 thoughts on “One more local TV Channel launched in Assam

  • November 12, 2011 at 11:10 am

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